Money Saving Travel and Vacation Tips

Heading south on vacation or even just mulling over  doing some travelling this winter? It’s always nice to save money on your vacation plans and travel as inexpensive as you can. Came across this helpful article that gives 10 money saving travel and vacation tips. They make common sense and are a good reminder on things you can do to save money on your next vacation.

Money saving travel tips to help you plan your next vacation

1) Book your Flights early. Airfares are like the weather in Michigan–wait 5 minutes and they will change! So grab those cheap seat while they are there. Also, try to fly on Tuesday or Saturday. They tend to be the cheapest days to travel!

2) Considering booking connecting flights. I f you have the time they are usually a lot less expensive than Non-stops!

3) Get a Delta American Express card. Delta has the majority of flight out of the Detroit and this card will get you and up to 9 of your friends free bags! Plus you earn point on everything that you buy, which will allow you to get free travel.

4) Get a Delta Frequent flyer number. It will give you access to special deals and bonus Frequent flyer points!

5) Cruises. Make sure you let the cruise line know if you are a teacher, fireman, policeman, nurse…or if what State you live in, there are all type of discount available to all these group. This works for tour operators as well.

6) Hotels. Be flexible on your room types. There could be hundreds of dollars of difference a night for a poll view compared to a Ocean view room. Plus, if they are not full they might upgrade you.

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