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Small Expenses Can Add Up

Small expenses can add up to be a big expense in your life. When you talk to most people you will hear them grip about the large expenses in their lives. How much a new tv costs, a car or their heating bill for example. On the same page these same people will spend a large amount of money on small expenses and not even notice it.

Take for example buying a large coffee everyday which may cost ¬†you $2. That could be $60 a month. Or consider buy a $10 fast food meal once a week. That’s another $40 you spent without realizing it.

Small expenses are the ones that typically do not give you anything in return. A large expense like an energy efficient appliance at least helps you save money and performs a task. Small frequent expenses or purchases often do neither.

If you want to start saving a bit of money each month then make a list of your small expenses. Getting your monthly bank statement is a good idea. Then start looking for where you can make some cuts. Make your own coffee. Buy in bulk. Buy generic brands. Bring you own water to work. There are lots of ways to shed some of those $5 and $10 expenses each week.

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