Saving Bucks at Goodwill

This news article and video caught my eye after a recent conversation with friends. We were talking about how expensive sports wear can be like golf shirts for example. One a single bachelor type was telling me how he shopped at used clothing store. For two reasons.

One, he saved money as being a single person paying the bills he has to watch what he spends each month. He doesn’t have anyone else to kick in on the expenses such as his mortgage. Secondly, he finds good stuff and it is dirt cheap. He showed me some of the shirts and pants he picked up and you would never be ever to tell they came from a used clothing store.

Saving Bucks at Goodwill

Warminster’s Larry Boyle heads to Goodwill nearly every day. The rock-bottom prices are a draw. So are the quirky treasures he says he can’t find anywhere else — 50-cent videos, $3 clocks and other “odds and ends” he considers rare gems.

Yvonne Jackson, of Hatboro, stops in weekly to browse the selection of Nike clothes for her two teenage boys. She recently snagged a retail-priced $40 pair of pants for $4.50.

“If you can get the same quality for less, you’ve done yourself a great justice,” she boasted with a wide smile. - Read more on (blog)

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