How to Save Money a Bit at a Time

Here is a practical article on how to save money. You don’t have to be rich you just have to make a concentrated effort to put a little bit away each week.  By scrimping a little and cutting down on some of your expenses you can save a little each week. The little bit can add up to bigger and better things over the years. Take a look at the statement below and you will see the impact of saving even a little bit of money.

 Save $ 15 a week for 25 years, for instance, and you’ll have $62,183, assuming an 8% annualized return. Save $ 30, and that’s $ 124,365. “When I tell people that, they’re stunned,” says Rausser. “You can have an amount of money you never thought you’d be …Read more on Fox Business

Save Money Tips

The above linked article provides some excellent examples on how to save money each week:

  • create a budget
  • price shop for everyday expenses like insurance and mortgages
  • pay off your biggest debts first
  • drop the credit cards for cash to
  • couponing

Follow up on these great tips and implement them in your life and you too can save money each and every week. That little bit you save can really add up in a hurry.

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