Food Coloring Can Save Your Plumbing Bill

Are you flushing money down the toilet every month?┬áLiterally? Every one knows what a leaky toilet sounds like but how do you tell if you have a slow leak, one that you can’t hear?

An easy tip is to drop five or six drops of food coloring into the back of your toilet tank. Wait for an hour or so and then check your toilet bowl. If the food coloring is now in your toilet bowl, you have a small leak.

It has been said that by finding and fixing a slow leak that you can save yourself at least $100 a year on your water bill. Not a bad trade off for an hour of your time.

How do you fix a slow leak? I am no plumber but I would check the rubber stopper to make sure it’s forms a tight seal and then go to google and check for suggestions from there. Here is a helpful video from Home Depot that I found.

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