Energy Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

If a very short period of time I am going to start getting billed for water usage.  Another bill and another expense. I am very interested in improving my water efficiency around the house and found an article that address how to save money by ensuring that I am not wasting water.

I recently installed a low flow toilet and shower head in my bathroom and wrapped my water heater and hot water pipes with the proper insulation. There are many things you can do to save money in terms of your water use.

Switching to Energy Efficient Plumbing Fixtures
Renovating a bathroom or kitchen is an easy job that most homeowners can easily accomplish on their own with minimal effort and labor expenses. In the bathroom, a dual flush toilet is a great option that conserves nearly half the water as traditional models. These products are especially designed for concerned families who care about the planet’s future. In addition to dual flush models, low-flow faucets and an aerator are minor improvements that reduce consumption by a considerable degree. For homeowners and renters who are located in urban areas, the expense of water is a major concern that is easily reduced with a low initial investment. …
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