Easy Energy Saving Tips

Our energy company recently sent us a little gadget that monitors our electricity use in real time. It shows you spikes when certain appliances are in use and not in use. It was certainly telling to me how the spikes rose when my refrigerator and air conditioning were kicking in. In light of this I present a couple of easy energy saving tips that may save you money as far as your air conditioner and refrigerator are involved.

Easy Energy Saving Tips – Air Conditioner

1. You have to have the right air conditioning unit for the size of space you are trying to cool. If you have too large a unit for your space then you may be wasting electricity.

2. Make sure any appliance you purchase has an energy wise or energy efficient sticker and rating. Most newer items you purchase these days will have an energy star rating which adds up to savings. You might want to consider replacing that old unit.

3. Make sure you regularly clean the filter. A clean filter will mean that your unit doesn’t have to work as hard pushing air through.

4. Use a timer. If you have a standalone unit you can purchase an inexpensive timer from any hardware store. I use one that over 20 on/off times and it was less than $15 to buy.

5. Placement. Make sure your air conditioner is in an open spot where it can easily cool your areas and keep it away from other warm appliances like lamps or entertainment units. They may confuse the unit into thinking the room is hotter than it actually is.

Easy Energy Saving Tips – Refrigerator

1. Do not overstuff your refrigerator. The air needs to circulate to work properly. Overstuffing will make it work harder to keep things cool. Conversely, you should overstuff your freezer. If you have frost building up on the sides you should defrost it and then stuff it. I put a pillow or old blanket in my freezer.

2. It may sound simple but leave your food out to cool before you put it in the fridge. You wouldn’t put a heater in your fridge so why put hot food.

3. Keep your fridge away from any walls or obstructions. They need air to circulate behind them to operate efficiently. It can get warm behind a fridge and you don’t want the heat to build up, it will make your compressor work harder.

4. Clean and dust out underneath your fridge and around the compressor area. Just make sure you have the fridge unplugged.

These are a couple of easy energy saving tips that require little or no work at all but will save you money.

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