Christmas Lights Save Money and Electricity

Christmas is right around the corner and I am starting to see houses around the neighbourhood getting all decked out with their Christmas decorations. My wife started to put up ours this weekend. This of course means stringing up the outside Christmas Lights.

She goes to great lengths lighting up the front of the house including putting up lights across the eaves, the front deck and side yard fence. Although you might not think about it, Christmas lighting comes with a cost. There is the cost of the lighting itself and also the electricity costs. There are a couple of things you can do to cut down the costs of lighting your house up for the holidays.

The first thing we do is use an outdoor timer. This is especially important if you are paying electricity rates based on peak times. We set our lights to come on after the dinner hour when electricity is cheaper and they go off just after we go to bed. There is no point to having them stay on all night. Using a timer means they are really only on for about four hours tops.

Led lights are the way to go for many reasons. Led lights are more durable which means you will be replacing burnt out light bulbs less which will save you money. They last longer which means you will get a longer “burning life” from led lights. More importantly they use less electricity. Significantly less energy. At one time led Christmas lights were expensive to buy but this is no longer the case. They are very affordable.

You can also look into solar lighting. We use a number of different sources of solar powered lighting around the outside of our house. We have about three sets of solar powered icicle lighting on our fences and around our deck. No electricity and the look nice.

You can light your yard and house up at little cost if you do your homework. Look into timers, led lighting and solar powered lighting. Enjoy the holidays.

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