Things to Consider Before Getting a Store Credit Card

If you are thinking about getting a store credit card for the upcoming shopping season or school year there are a number things to consider before getting a store credit card. A store credit card may be a great idea and exactly what you need there are many differences between cards and they vary greatly from store to store.

You should be aware of things like grace periods, the regular interest rate, any special promotional rates, annual charges and possibly special discount rates. Don’t get caught signing up for a credit card that doesn’t suit your needs. It could end up costing you more than actually saving or helping. Read through the article linked below for seven important things to consider when getting a store credit card.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Store Credit Card

As fall turns into winter, and malls become filled with holiday shoppers, retailers will make it a point to offer customers a store credit card as they check out. Typically, such offers come with some sort of a sign-up bonus in the form of a discount …
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