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7 Tips for Saving Money on Airplane Tickets and Airfare

One of the most expensive parts of traveling these days has to be the cost of airplane tickets. It’s pretty easy to shop around and find deals on hotels but what about saving money on your airfare costs? There are a few ways you can save money on airfare and I am just learning this as I am trying to book a flight for any upcoming trip.

  1. Sign Up For Alerts – If you know which company you want to fly with or have narrowed down a few sign up for their loyalty program or their mailing list and they will send you notifications for seat sales or even codes for discount airfares.
  2. Fly Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday – It’s agreed upon that these are the cheapest days to fly on. Nobody wants to fly midweek and airlines don’t like empty seats.
  3. Fly Off Peak Hours – Search the available times for the day you want to fly and you will see that off peak hours are cheaper. This usually means later a night or very early in the morning but if you can do it you will save on airfare.
  4. When to Buy РI have read a lot of different things but most experts agree that buying four to six weeks is the cheapest time to book  your flight.
  5. Clear You Cookies – I actually watched a co-worker do this. As she searched for vacation packages from her computer the prices constantly changed and they were going up. It’s called dynamic pricing. The more demand the higher the price. So if you clear your cache, clear your cookies or use and incognito browser you will probably see cheaper prices.
  6. Join Loyalty or Rewards Programs – I signed up for an airline specific credit card. I was given a number of airline rewards dollars I can use towards a flight, free checked bags and a voucher for a flight. I realize that this isn’t for everybody but it saved me money of an upcoming flight.
  7. Watch Hidden Fees – A few things can add up like checked bags. Know what you can bring for a carry on. Usually a small travel suitcase and a personal item. I try to get as much out of this as possible. On my last two flights once inside the airport the company checked my carry on for free because they have room.

Saving money on your airfare or airplane tickets isn’t hard but it takes some work and research on your part. Do a little digging and put a plan together and you should be able to save money on your next flight.

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