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Employee’s Guide to Saving Money on Black Friday

If you are looking for tips on how to save money this Black Friday we have found a great article for you. These money saving tips come from an employee of a Target store and it is packed with a few tips that even caught my eye.

Black Friday always seems a little crazy in retrospect but if you read through this article  you might save a  little money and might even come out of it a little less bruised.

Some of the tips  include using mobile apps to save money, leave electronics until Christmas and even scout out online sales for better deals or deals where you don’t have to get into a fist fight with a group of zombie shoppers.

A Target employee’s guide to saving money on Black Friday
But they do little to save the consumer any money. I implore you: This sensationalized holiday isn’t all that it seems. Will you save money? A little, maybe. For quality items? Probably not. If you insist on foregoing a relaxed Thanksgiving meal with …
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